Why insulate? Now more than ever, insulation should be an integral part of your company’s energy efficiency, productivity, cost reduction, and personnel protection plans. Here’s why.


The most widely accepted benefits of insulation are energy savings and the resulting cost savings. Energy is often the most costly component in managing a building or manufacturing facility and its processes. Reducing energy consumption reduces costs, and lowering costs is a primary objective for most companies. Insulation is also an exceptionally cost-effective investment: properly designing, installing, and maintaining an insulation system can yield an annual rate of return that is more than 100%.

In addition, insulation greatly reduces the loss of energy. Equipment or processes that lose energy can increase the temperature within a facility or area and put additional stress on other equipment, reducing its performance and life expectancy.

Saving energy with mechanical insulation is a quick and simple way to save money, whether for hot or cold applications. As one facility manager notes, of all the energy-saving technologies available, a properly insulated system can provide the best ROI. It makes good business sense to look at insulation first.

NIA estimates maintenance of mechanical insulation in industrial/manufacturing plants could save annually $3.7 billion in energy costs and 37.9 million metric tons of carbon emissions, with an ROI of 11.3 months.


At Jergens Insulation, we are a proud member of the National Insulation AssociationTM and can assist you to determine your energy saving needs. We have two energy appraisers on staff, certified by the National Insulation Association, equipped with the tools to present you with accurate calculations and the knowledge to discuss your potential savings.

Follow the link: NIAinfo-YouTube Channel to see the NIA’s latest addition to their YouTube channel.

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